"It is said that where the Blue Deer walks, medicines grow."

Blue Deer Essences started as a vision gestated in the alchemical heart, & birthed into humble hands.


“I am still a little surprised by the gentle speed with which the custom blend Michelle made for me cut through the deep core issues I was in the midst of experiencing when I called her. Thank you Michelle for your intuition, compassion, and knowledge and understanding of plant medicine from which you created the powerful blend that shifted me more into myself than I’ve ever been.”

Annie Botticelli, Author & Transformational Astrologer

Why Flower Essence Therapy?

medicineFlower Essences are subtle liquid extracts that contact the emotional, spiritual, and subtle levels of a disharmony.  They are incredible allies for adults, children, and animals alike.  They are vibrational medicine, and anyone can take them.  They are safe, subtle, and profound allies for transformation, emotional support, internal alchemy, personal healing, and growth.

Customize your own blend

like2 (720x469)Blue Deer Essences offers flower essence consultations designed to create a customized blend or blends to support you in your experience.  We offer a long line of pre-made blends but our specialty is customizing a blend or blends for your personal situation.   Customized blends are our most popular product and with great results!  Learn more about our customized blends and learn about how we can support you!